An Fáinne- a symbol of the Irish language

An Fáinne – your link to the Irish Language

Wearing a Fáinne symbolizes your link to the Irish language. An Fáinne is worn to show that you are able to and are willing to speak Irish. Whether you are a fluent speaker or just starting out as a beginner, you can wear a fáinne- just pick the one that best suits your language ability.

The Silver Fáinne is suitable for those who have a basic ability in Irish. The Gold Fáinne indicates that you are a fluent Irish speaker. The original Seanfháinne (Gold) is also available to those who prefer it.  

The 'Cúpla Focal' badge is available to those with a small amount of Irish who are proud of the cúpla focal they have.   A 9 ct. gold Fáinne is available which makes a perfect gift for yourself or your loved one or indeed for those who prefer a higher quality product.  

Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge award Duais an Fháinne (the Fáinne Prize) in Glór na nGael’s international competition to the local committee who are most successful in promoting both the philosophy and wearing of the  Fáinne.   A high quality pin, polished to a brilliant lustre.  

Wear An Fáinne – demonstrate your link to the language

Only have a small amount of Irish? Show your support with a “Cúpla Focal” badge Choose the Fáinne which best suits your level of ability 10 % Discounts on orders of 25 badges or more.

  • Fáinne Airgid € 4.00
  • Fáinne Óir € 5.50
  • Seanfháinne € 7.00
  • Fáinne 9 ct € 55.00
  • Cúpla Focal € 4.00

Purchase a Fáinne online!

Now Irish speakers all over the world can purchase a fáinne in our new online shop which can be accessed by clicking on this link or by visiting the shop which is located at the top of this page.

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