Comhluadar was founded in 1993 to support parents who want to speak Irish with their children.  All round the country families are registering with Comhluadar in local groups.

Comhluadar offers help in the following ways:

  1. Information and Advice.
    You have a question?  Do you need advice or are you searching for information?  We have answers and experience to share or we can direct you to where you will find them.
  2. Family introduction
    We will give you the opportunity to meet other people in your area who are rearing families through Irish. Comhluadar makes for many new friendships - between parents and between children.
  3. Social and Educational Events.
    Every year parents and children are invited to a wide range of events - e.g. parties, workshops, trips and exhibitions. We are delighted that SantaClaus is a fluent Irish speaker! 
  4. Irish Language Services.
    We are a united voice in supporting the rights of families to public services in Irish, for example, psychologists with Irish eg.

If you wish to register with us or require further information, please contact,

Sráid Lombard Thoir,
Baile Átha Cliath 2.

Tel:  01-67151167


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