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Nós Mag abú

Nós Mag abú

Major changes are in the pipeline for Irish language magazine Nós* mag and the magazine’s voluntary staff is hoping that the year ahead will prove to be productive and successful one for the magazine.

The new developments in the main are to focus on utilizing new technologies as the development strategy of the magazine focuses on attracting new readers, both young and young at heart- Nósadóirí as Editor, Tomaí Ó Conghaile calls the loyal readership- to the publication.

They magazine which has been available online in 2008 went into print last year on a monthly basis. Since then, the magazine has received great feedback according to Ó Conghaile. The magazine already covers subjects such as technology, music, fashion, travel, culture and films.

But current affairs will fall within the brief of the magazine in the new year while Nós*  Mag will still maintain its  youthful outlook.

Nós has an independent outlook according to Ó Conghaile and the magazine does not shy away from controversy. It supports columns published by the magazine such as ‘An Cailín sa Chathair’ which raise issues faced  by young people in Ireland today- issues which often remain ignored by the traditional Irish language media.

It comes as no surprise then that the magazine started the new year with a bang- with a fiery video published on its site calling for the start of the Nós* revolution.

So the revolution has begun- but what does it entail?Interviews with famous personalities and starts as well as prominent Irish language speakers are set to be broadcast on the site on a monthly basis according to Ó Conghaile.  The magazine will also concentrate its efforts on an online social media strategy which has proven successful thus far attracting well known personalities such as Dara Ó Briain to twitter with the magazine and its readers in recent weeks.

The printed magazine is set for changes as well. As it is a voluntary magazine without a central source of funding, the magazine has had to restructure its printing strategy for 2010. It will now be published on a bimonthly basis which Ó Conghaile says will provide improved content for readers in the future.

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