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Language expert gives detailed account on language planning issues.

Language expert gives detailed account on language planning issues.

Professor Colin H Williams of Cardiff University was a one of this year’s key-note speakers at the biannual Irish Language conference, Tóstal na Gaeilge. Professor Williams main research interests include Language Policy and Language Planning, Group Rights and Democratic Citizenship, Ethnic and Minority Relations as well as Human Geography and Environmental Issues.

Professor Williams gave a detailed account on implementing language schemes from a Welsh perspective during the seminar ‘Deiseanna, Dúshláin agus Dualgais’. Amongst the topics he discussed were, Language Rights, Language Legislation and The Welsh Language Acts 1967 & 1993 as well as the characteristics of Welsh Language Schemes.

Attendees also heard him speak of the role played by different stakeholders such as The State, State-sponsored bodies and the language community in implementing a language scheme.

Professor Williams presentation may be found at the following link.

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