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Irish language Policies of the Parties

Irish language Policies of the Parties

A summary of all the major political parties policies on the Irish language, education and Gaeltacht is outlined here.

Fine Gael

They say: Fine Gael is committed to the development of the Irish language and Gaeltacht regions.

20 Year Strategy for the Irish language They say that the support many aspects of the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish language and will implement the goals which are achievable as well as the most pressing aims.

Status of Irish in the Leaving Certificate Fine Gael say that they will overhaul the curriculum at second level and will critically examine the effect of current training methods of teachers to teach. Irish as an optional subject for Leaving Certificate will only apply following consultations on both matters. They will will allocate 50% of marks to oral Irish exams.

Education Fine Gael is committed to overhauling the way in which Irish is taught at primary and second levels of education, to ensure teachers are equipped with the right tools to instil a love of the language for all students and the curriculum is designed to inspire students to continue speaking the language after leaving school.

An Ghaeltacht Job Creation policy in Gaeltacht areas to focus on improving natural resources energy, broadband and to focus on tourism and fishing activities

Official Languages Act, 2003 Review the implementation of Official Language Act to ensure money spent in most effective manner

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The Labour Party

They say: The Labour Party recognises the importance of the Irish language as part of our national identity and culture.

20 Year Strategy for the Irish language The Party support the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language. Labour believes that the Office of the Taoiseach should be responsible for coordinating and driving the strategy, and that the Taoiseach should be answerable to the Dáil for its implementation

Status of Irish in the Leaving Certificate Labour will maintain Irish as one of the three core compulsory Leaving Certificate subjects but are calling for significant reform.

Education Labour will undertake a thorough reform of the Irish curriculum in keeping with the aims of the 20 Year Strategy. Labour wants to create a virtuous circle where teachers and students are improving their spoken Irish on an ongoing basis. This can be done in part by reforming the curriculum so more emphasis is put on oral and aural skills. Labour supports the longer term goal of introducing a second subject at primary level that is taught through Irish.

An Ghaeltacht The Labour party recognises the important place the Gaeltachtaí have in our country. Údarás na Gaeltachta, along with other enterprise agencies, will be able to draw down additional funding from Labour’s dedicated Jobs Fund, if they can demonstrate that this additional funding will directly contribute to generating additional jobs in strategic areas such as food production, tourism.
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Fianna Fáil

They say: Fianna Fáil believes that the Irish language is of unique importance to the Irish people and to Irish culture and society.

20 Year Strategy for the Irish language Fianna Fáil will increase the number of daily speakers of Irish outside of the education system to 250,000 by 2030 and we will ensure that Irish remains the primary language of the Gaeltacht community This will be achieved by fully implementing the Twenty Year Strategy for the Irish language and maintaining a full Ministry for the Gaeltacht and Irish to ensure a strong voice for the language at cabinet.

Status of Irish in the Leaving Certificate  Fianna Fáil say they will preserve  the status of the Irish language as core-subject for the Leaving Certificate and carry out scientific study on the possibility of introducing a second subject for the Leaving cert to cater to the needs of Gaeltacht students and other students with a higher level of fluency.

Education  Basesd on 20 Year language Strategy-Strengthening of Irish-language teaching in initial teacher training and extended Gaeltacht placements for teachers.Strengthened investment in in-service training for teachers and in Gaeltacht scholarship schemes for serving teachers.

An Ghaeltacht Based on 20 year language Strategy: The Strategy proposes to reconfigure Údarás na Gaeltachta as a new Údarás na Gaeilge agus na Gaeltachta. Its headquarters will be based in the Gaeltacht. It will retain an enterprise function and it will also have responsibility for Irish language matters throughout the State in the context of the new Strategy.

Official Languages Act, 2003 They say they commit to fully implementing the Official Languages Act and  to supporting the work of the Office of the Language Commissioner
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Sinn Féin

They say: Sinn Féin supports the restoration of the Irish language as the spoken language among the majority of people in Ireland and the creation of a truly bilingual society

20 year Strategy for Irish language Sinn Féin is committed to the  full implementation of the 20-year Strategy on the Irish Language, including the recommendations made by the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Tourism, Culture, Sport, Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs.

Status of Irish at Leaving Cert level Keep Irish a compulsory subject in primary and second-level education.

Education Adequate funding for Irish-medium education from early years through to third level is essential. They also support the development of an Irish-medium teacher training college based in the Gaeltacht. Syllabus reform in respect of Irish. It needs to be changed in order to make it more communicative and a shift in the balance of marks awarded in examinations in favour of oral and aural competence.

Implement comprehensive strategy to roll back the erosion of the primacy of Irish in Gaeltacht areas and to create new Gaeltacht areas, particularly in urban centres, across the island.

>>Links to Manifesto and Video here<<

Independent Candidates

31 Independent candidates have signed a letter pledging their support for the retention of the Irish language as a core subject at Leaving Certificate level. The full list of candidates and letter can be read here.

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