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What’s the talk of education

Hikes in third-level fees

Three THOUSAND, you say. *Calls kids. Suggests new career choices: chimney sweeping/door to door selling/marrying millionaire* - @anniewestdotcom

Another lie…i remember b4 they came to power telling us a different story…they really think we r ejjits… - Mensah Mensah,

Unfortunately, That’s because we act like eejits by letting them walk all over us. It will continue as it is until a stand is taken by the people. – D Burns,

And then when students do protest they are not supported by general public they are even condemned for taking a stand. The whole country should be on the streets over ALL THE BONDHOLDERS PAYMENTS and ALL THE AUSTERITY MEASURES … RAISING TAXES never brings any country out of recession – Bernadette Dunne,

It’s about time students faced up to the reality of modern life in the 21 st century and realise that there is no such thing as a free lunch, students for a change should go out and seek some part-time work to help offset the cost and worry less about the current price of dutch gold or golden virginia rolling tobacco, learn to stand on their own feet pay their own way and stop sponging off already cash strapped parents – Anthony Dunne,



Students in Irish schools have generally spent at least five or six years in an all-Irish education system. Indeed the majority of them would have probably gone to all-Irish primary schools also. The vast majority of them would be very fluent. And for those who aren’t, well it must be their fault that they are not unless they have some kind of intellectual disability, seriously. So given that the vast majority of students in second-level Irish schools are very fluent in Irish why should they get bonus points? – Darren Mac an Phríora,

If anything, we need to incentivise far more students to take honours, not take away the few incentives that are already there – Proposition Joe,

Well there is a huge ammount of support material, less stress more success notes, grinds, past papers etc available for subjects in English that are not available in Irish, meaning either the student doing subjects through Irish has to do without them, putting them at a disadvantage, or they have to translate them into Irish, increasing their work load – deise go deo,

An exam in, for example physics, is supposed to test your knowledge of that subject – not your ability to regurgitate that knowledge in a different language – Sailor,



Welcome to Sweden/Japan in the early 2000s – Niall Cremins,

Is 100mb in EVERY school not a bit over-kill? – @RouBX

Ambitious yes, but unfortunately the way this country works we will still be wondering where this broadband for schools is in 2020 – Begrudgy,

I think some of the primary schools need teachers, indoor toilets and computers too. Also book schemes. They should stop the publishers publishing once-off workbooks and changing text books needlessly and schools should buy the books and re-use them each day. Kids should only take home books needed for homework which should be minimal for Primary school (it’s of little value for most kids) - watty, 

Foilsithe ar 14 Feabhra 2012

Foilsithe ar - 14 Feabhra 2012

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