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Ex-boxer Dunne fights for Irish

Ex-boxer Dunne fights for Irish

FORMER world boxing champion Bernard Dunne is heading up a nationwide campaign which aims to inspire 100,000 people to “re-engage” with the Irish language.

The Independent Pictures produced ‘Bernard Dunne’s Bród Club’ is a six-part television series that will start on RTÉ One next Monday.

According to Independent Pictures, we spend 14 years of our lives learning Irish but very few of us actually speak it. The makers describe the programme as a “passionate, loud and brash attempt” to turn this around and get people to commit to using whatever Irish they have.

The multi-platform production will include a “highly active and innovative” online campaign where people can sign up to give Irish a go. Once signed up, club members will be plugged into an entire community of like-minded people, spinning off into a range of Facebook and Twitter conversations.

“I’ve always wanted to be a fluent Irish speaker and two years ago when I retired from boxing I made a promise to myself that I would learn it,” said Dunne.

“I’m deeply proud of my Irishness and it’s vital to pass my passion for Irish on to my children.

“It’s not about being fluent, it’s about taking pride in our language and using whatever Irish you have. You’ll be surprised what you know,” he said.

The show will see Dunne touring the country encouraging people to use Irish again. Cameras will follow his progress as he uses a combination of guerrilla tactics, publicity stunts and local advocacy to reignite the spark in people to speak Irish.

Each episode will also feature an Irish language supper club and music from the Dublin Gospel Choir, Republic of Loose and Ryan Sheridan.

Other personalities who will appear during the programme include Tracy Piggott, tailor Louis Copeland, jockey Davy Russell and Kerry footballer Darren O’Sullivan.
Abbeycrest touts SMS vouchers

LIMERICK-based Abbeycrest Traders have developed a text-based voucher system which allows retailers to send promotional personalised text message vouchers to customers.

SMS Texter Plus is designed specifically for the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. The system can be tailored to specific events, days of the week, or a specific time of day.

The big advantage of the system is it provides accessibility to all phones, not just Smartphones.

Abbeycrest Traders managing director Roger Bourke commented: “Businesses have found that a considerable number of their customer base may not necessarily be Facebook or Twitter savvy, the majority do, however, have a mobile phone.

Sending a specific text highlighting special offers, special weekend rates and the likes has proven to be hugely popular during this pilot programme, with 60pc redemption rates in some instances.”

The SMS Texter Plus vouchers can be redeemed at a central point or at a cashpoint within the particular business running the offer.

The system also generates a daily redemption report that can be used for cash reconciliation with all tills or EPOS systems.

Foilsithe ar 1 Márta 2012

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