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Sky’s the limit in pubs and hotels

Sky’s the limit in pubs and hotels

A chara, –

I am somewhat bemused by the furore over the Starbucks “British” gaffe (Breaking News, June 5th).

Over the past few years I have had occasion to travel through Dublin airport on numerous occasions.

While other airports invariably use television to promote the landscape, culture and industry of the nation, the Dublin Airport Authority, which, one would have thought, should promote the national broadcaster RTÉ, appears to have a policy of “wall-towall” Sky News, which is invariably British orientated.

On my last visit, there was effusive live coverage of the British jubilee celebrations, interspersed with cricket. In short, apart from the Irish-language signage, there was little to distinguish the airport from Gatwick or Heathrow.

On leaving the airport to dine in a local pub, the scenario was repeated, as it is, more often than not, in pubs, hotels, restaurants and businesses throughout the country.

Small wonder that Starbucks lumps us in with our neighbours.

– Is mise,
Brian Patterson,
Newry, Co Down.
Foilsithe ar 8 Meitheamh 2012 / Foilsithe ar - 8 Meitheamh 2012

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