What are Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge / Gaelport.com contact details?
Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge/Gaelport contact details are available HERE
Where could I buy a Fáinne?
You can find all relevant information on An Fáinne at this link: An Fáinne
Where can I get information about Irish language classes for adults eng?
To view a full list of Irish language classes providers, please click HERE
I would love to use my Irish. Any suggestions?
If a lack of practice in speaking Irish is the problem, please click HERE to view many different ways to improve your Irish
I am a school teacher and I would like Irish language resources for the classroom. Where would I get them?
Information on Irish language learning resources for the classroom is available HERE
Is there a Gaelscoil (Irish language medium school) in my area?
If you would like for your child to attend a Gaelscoil, or if you would like information about Irish medium education, and its associated benefits, please contact GAELSCOILEANNA TEORANTA
My son/daughter would like to attend an Irish Language Summer College. Where can I get information?
All information relating to Irish Language Summer College is available HERE
Where could I find information about Irish culture and music?
Register for An Chomhdháil information services, EOLAS, COGAR and AS NA NUACHTÁIN HERE or contact Comhaltas Ceolteoirí Éireann HERE
I wrote a letter to a company in Irish and they sent me a reply in English. Can I make a complaint about this to the Language Commissioner under the Official Languages Act 2003?
All information about the Official Languages Act, language rights and a list of the public bodies who come under the Act is available from the Language Commissioner’s website.
I have a piece in English that I would like to translate to Irish. Is there a company available that can help me?
Click HERE for a list of translation companies
Who could help me write my name and address in Irish?
For further details on translating names and addresses, please click HERE
I am getting married this year. Where could I get the blessings for the ceremony as Gaeilge?
The wedding ceremony as well as the other sacraments, common prayers and the Irish mass is available from the Cumann na Sagart website
I am building a house, and would like to give it an Irish name which relates to the area. Who could help me with this?
Please contact:
Dónal Mac Giolla Easpaig,
Coimisiúin na Logainmneacha,
Dún Aimhirgin,
43 49 Bóthar Mespil,
Baile Átha Cliath 4
Teil: 01 647 3000,
Facs: 01 647 3270

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