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Quango receiving £5m to promote Gaelic hire outside aid to translate reports

Quango receiving £5m to promote Gaelic hire outside aid to translate reports

THE Inverness-based agency have blamed their heavy workload for reason behind their hiring of freelance translation consultants.

A QUANGO being paid £5m a year to promote Gaelic have had to hire outside help to translate it.

Bòrd na Gàidhlig are spending £20,000 on freelance consultants to translate internal reports and press releases into English.

The Inverness-based agency claim their 23 staff, who are bilingual, are too busy to do the work.

Yesterday, Inverness South Highland Council Councillor Jim Crawford said: “This is an absolute waste of money which could be better spent on improving our roads.

“If people want to learn Gaelic I am all for it, but I think it should be vocational rather than forced down our throat.

“The SNP government have turned Gaelic into a bit of a joke, throwing all this money at it to promote it.

“There are more Polish speakers than Gaelic speakers in Inverness.”

The agency, who represent the 60,000 Gaelic language speakers in Scotland, said their aim was to “secure the status of the Gaelic language as an official language of Scotland commanding equal respect to the English language”.

This includes translating press releases, minutes of meetings, website content publications and annual reports.

It is estimated the Bòrd requires to translate about 2000 words per week, excluding Bòrd meetings.”

Alasdair MacKinnon, the quango’s Head of Finance & Corporate Services, said: “Our staff are bilingual but their existing workload is heavy.

“It’s to do with standards as well. We have to make sure all the policy documents we publish are grammatically right and of the highest standard.”

Tory Communities spokesman Alex Johnstone said: “Organisations like this one need to be able to demonstrate responsible use of public funds.

“At £20,000, they seem to be stretching their credibility somewhat.”

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