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Money on Gaeilge

Money on Gaeilge

In response to the letter by Niamh Carlin (February 22), I’m afraid that she seems to have entirely missed the point of my first letter.

She appears to be the prime example of why the Irish language does not need the ridiculous levels of funding currently lavished on it. Ms Carlin is proudly able to speak the language and fortunate enough to be able to afford to spend every summer in the Gaeltacht. She values the links of the language to our history and identity.

None of these things would be affected by cuts in funding. As long as there are people like Miss Carlin in the country, who choose to speak it, the language will survive at its current level.

At no point does she mention how exactly cuts in the taxpayer’s funding would in any way affect the amount of Irish spoken in the country. Nor does she explain why, in terms of funding, it should take precedence over healthcare or the gardai or university spending.

I’m afraid, as usual, we end up with the emotional argument that the language is ours and no one can question any money spent on it.  If we are so insecure about our identity that it is more patriotic to fund RnaG than to care for the elderly, well God help us all.

Peter Cosgrove
Wellington Bridge, Co Wexford
Foilsithe ar 23 Feabhra 2013 / Foilsithe ar 25 Feabhra 2013

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